Capital One is a US bank headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Starting as a credit card company Capital One expanded to become a retail bank in 2005. Even though the company expanded, their logo remained virtually unchanged. This is a redesign proposal for the bank, done for the Logo Redo show on The Futur.

The current logo, initially introduced in 2008 brought a swoosh that felt dated and a bit generic. The varying type weights and the baseline shift in the logotype, readability issues in small scales called for a cleaner and simpler design.

Capital One Bank Proposed Logo
Capital One Logo Guidelines with Sizes Colour and Typography
The new logo mark is a ‘C’ with a ‘1’ depicted in its negative space. The bold geometric form of the mark conveys stability and the 45° tilt a sense of dynamism and innovation.
Capital One Bank Platinum Card Design
Capital One Social Media Designs
Capital One headquarters lobby in Tysons, Virginia
Capital One Logo Comparison
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